Hello, dear members of MayaCLix,today mayaclix is back online with a new domain :
IMPORTANT: We had hired a professional developer to try to transfer all the members' data from our old database to our new website,
however after many attempts and lot of effort that was impossible! However, there is nothing to be worried about, we will do the transfer manually!
THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO : Visit register with EXACT SAME username as you used on
(warning: if you use different username we won't be able to restore your account)
Next you need to send us a support ticket with subject and text : " RESTORE "
We ( our team) will find all the info about your account in our old database and will update it in your new account in here, then you just continue working!
Please allow up to 5 days your account summary to be updated as we will be doing this manually there will be thousands of support tickets!
How will info be reflected in your new account? Read more about it in our forum news :
MayaClix Team


Hello, dear members of MayaCLix, we would like to inform you that MayaCLix will be online again at 1/10/2018 11:00 AM Central Time (CT).
Further instructions will follow tomorrow. Have a wonderful day.
Best Regards
MayaClix Team

UPDATE 1/3/2018 12:29 Central Time (CT)

Hello, dear members of MayaClix, we would like to inform you that we were forced to proceed to plan B as the answer we get from the encryption company was negative. So here is what is happening :
-The new script is already installed!
-The designer is preparing the new design of Mayaclix which will be awesome!
-All the accounts from our database are transferring to the new website as we speaking
-While everything is preparing we had stopped Cron Jobs functions so no referrals will expire at any of our members' accounts!
These are all the features the new version of Mayaclix will have :
*SuperRewards Offerwall
* TrialPay Offerwall
*Head-Tail (Game)
* Crack the vault (Game)
*MinuteStaff (offer wall)
*Offers4all (offer wall)
*Points System
*Cashback advertising
*PTC wall (offer wall)
*Clix wall (offer wall)
*Super Rented Referrals filter ( you will be getting much more active rented referrals)
... and so much more
In the next 1-3 months, we will add 20 new features and lots of new earning ways!

All the work should be done in the next 3 to 6 days, we are doing our best to make everything as fast as possible!
We want to inform every our member that nothing will be lost, from what you had previously you will have much more! Our new website we'll be named Mayaclix Family, as our team and all of you ( our members) together, we are big happy family! We promise you that we will give our best efforts to make this website profitable for everyone! Also, we would like to thank you for your patience and huge support that we've received during this transition period. Mayaclix' members you are awesome and cool, always stay that way !!!!
MayaClix Team

(OLD) UPDATE 1/2/2018 Hello, dear members of MayaClix, this is an update from your Admin :
Yesterday we had a fatal error on our website which was caused by the encryption of the script that we are using to run this website. The developer that had sold us the script had put an encryption of the script to protect it from distribution by unwanted sides. This could be easily solved if there was a way to contact that developer, however, he is out of reach for more then year and a half.
Solutions: Our first move to solve this problem was contacting the encryption company to ask them to find a solution, we are still waiting for an answer from them. Perhaps this will solve the issue and we will be up and online today. If the encryption company can’t solve this problem then we have plan B!
First I want to inform all of you, our dear members of Mayaclix that there is nothing to be worried about !!! Our database is intact and safe as we always do backups of our website on daily bases. Every information about every single member is safe ( meaning your memberships, balances, referrals …)
Our plan B is to purchase a fresh new script with open source ( we will purchase open source of the code to avoid problems like this in the future) and re-build our website, then connect mayaclix’s database to the new website! We had hired a new developer that will help us to make this new website super strong and stable! Everyone's accounts will be available in the same condition as they were at our current website, nothing will be lost !!! This new script as is open source will allow us to make MayaClix better than before, we will be able to add new features, solve the RR statistics issue, view ads issue, and all other issues that we were unable to solve due to the encryption of our current script. The new version of the website will be super cool, with new features and games and many new earning opportunities! We like to believe that everything in life happens for a reason, so we believe that this happened for a good reason, to improve our website and give our members the best service ever!
If plan B is activated this means that our website will not be available for the next 5-10 days ( this is the time we need to re-build our website) as I said there is nothing to be worried about, we are here to stay as we are legit and honest! We will give a bonus to all our members for the inconvenience that this might cause you! We would like to invite all our members to like our facebook page , here we will announce updates regarding the progress of anything. Imagine that you are on vacation for the next 5-10 days and you will be rewarded about that.
We really need your support during this period, as we are giving our best to fasten this process. Have a peace of mind because we are here for you. You can also contact us at our email : Best Regards MayaClix Team

— The Team