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My Success Story at MayaClix
Killer Bee
Posts: 41
Received: $1805.5900 USD
Balance: $674.8100 USD
Referrals: 4000
1 2017/05/12 at 18:31    
Hello guys I would like to share my success working at this website..
I've started 8 months ago, after one month I did upgrade to honey bee.
I've made 5 payments using this membership, and I was in profit over $300.
Exactly before 1 and a half month i decided to upgrade to killer bee.. This is my first payment while I am killer bee..

Bellow are images of my RR AVG..

At this moment I have re-invest lots of my profit in continue renting, and extending some of the referrals for 90 days periods..
My goal is to extend all my 3000 RR on 240 days to get 30% discount.

katrine edited message on 2017/05/12 at 18:32
Carpenter Bee
Posts: 305
2 2017/05/13 at 02:30    
Congratz Beautiful Katrine........
Ground Bee
Posts: 33
3 2017/06/03 at 00:04    
Bravo Katerina,i jas pocnav,ama mene nesto sporo mi ide,dali bi sakala da mi pomognes kako da napreduvam?
Honey Bee
Posts: 125
Received: $12.9800 USD
Balance: $6.6985 USD
Referrals: 357
4 2017/10/18 at 02:09    
WOOOW THIS IS AWESOME!!! :cool::lol:
Small Sweat Bee
Posts: 3
5 2017/10/21 at 21:58    
English, please...
Honey Bee
Posts: 2
6 2017/10/22 at 15:27    
nice kate ... but my avg is only 1.12 :( can you help me
227108830 edited message on 2017/10/22 at 15:28
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