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my Photo with passport in hands
Ground Bee
Posts: 1
1 2017/10/12 at 10:56    
Dear Friends,
Recently I tried to withdraw my payment, but got an e-mail from Admin.
He asked me to upload my photo where I get my passport or ID card in hands.

If thats legal ???

Where I should upload it? in my profile settings?

Posts: 69
2 2017/10/12 at 19:38    
Hello, as stated in the email that you've received you need to send us such photo with hidden information using some editing software like paint. We just want to make sure you are a real person as you are down line ( referral) to a group that had lots of multi-fake accounts. You can upload such photo as a reply to the email that you had received from our support. Have a wonderful day

Best Regards
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